What is the purpose of using a Toner in Skincare?

Using toner always seems like an extra step that we don’t actually need to take. It seems like we’re just rubbing water all over our faces, what could it possibly be doing? Well, after reading this article, I was informed that facial toner can be used for many different things. First, it can be used as a treatment to treat aging, acne, dry skin, etc. Secondly, it helps to remove anything and everything that was missed by your cleanser. It also will remove any remnants of the cleanser, to prevent your face wash from actually causing acne! For more info, check out the blog post here

Upset Stomach - Cure it Naturally!

One of my favorite natural remedies for an upset stomach is usingĀ peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is incredibly soothing on the stomach, and can immediately help with nausea, sore stomach, bloating, acid reflux, you name it! It can be inhaled through a diffusor, or simply dropped in hot water (near boiling). It can also be consumed orally. If consuming orally, make sure that your essential oil is 100% therapeutic grade. Mix in a few drops of peppermint oil into a glass of water and drink up! You should start feeling better within a few minutes. Now I do have to say this is not a 100% cure-all. There have been a few times that this has not fully gotten rid of my upset stomach/nausea etc.